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Introducing Myself
  AyeR, Dec 28 2012

I haven't posted here, but i've been a loyal reader of liquid poker and I played under the SN ShamanOfDeath, on Fulltilt, and AyeR on B.Net west and on wgtour. if you remember shamanofdeath,then you most likely played starcraft... he was a terran player from bulgaria, he was a good friend of mine as well, and i don't think he would mind me using the SN, since it was in memory of starcraft/terran days. I've always kept up with poker news, and always enjoy reading stuff from people I use to associate with, or players that I kinda knew. Like Daut, who was z7-BigBalls, Rekrul, Marshall, Fayth, Elky, Baal, Strato,Id.Twisted etc etc ....

I spent a large portion of my night yesterday reading. As I was reading I read an article by Marshall28... It never occured to me that it was BCI)Marshall a now a successful poker player(didn't occur to me until I read that it was written by a guy named peter), and was teaching for card runners. I remembered peters name because, the very first time I met starcraft players in real life, was in Pacific Beach (san diego). It was @ a pc cafe, that Proct, Merge and Marshall would play it. As I walked in, Proct was sitting in the front, chilling playing some SC. He said whats up, nice guy, and said that's bci)marshall over their go say hi. so i went over and saw marshall, he was actually playing a game vs rekrul. His apm was ridiculously high, and since i didn't really know how to use hotkeys well, if you've ever seen marshall play IRL, i was really suprised and humbled to see it. I still remember the game and everything, marshall was at 6 rekrul at 12, pvp marshall was expoing to his natural, and rekrul dropped a double reaver. Anyway it was cool as fuck watching them play and I thought both of them were cool people. Sure i'd hear people talk shit about them, but who didn't talk shit in starcraft, it was part of the fun. Rekrul was always very full of himself, and so was marshall but a lot of people are. It might be one of the reasons why he was successful at the time in starcraft, players need to be confident of their ability, he was also very creative and a had a great sense of humor. This egotist type of confidence transitioned well for many starcraft players, somehow some starcraft players who really sucked, were really good poker players.

Anyway, i just wanted to say whats up, i don't play poker professionally, I am trolley operator here in San Diego, I noticed their are a lot people from SD here, if you guys ever have a home game where the buy in isn't ridiculously high, i'd like to play with you guys, would like to play .50/1 if u guys do that. I don't get too many days off from my work, but if you'd like to invite a friendly fish over, i'm down.

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